Life… is a game of chinese chess…

The Chinese Chess, haven’t touched it in YEARS… 中國象棋 - 已經很久沒碰過了… Recently i met a stumbling block in life, that shook me, and opened my eyes to the world… yet again… so i made time to rest, to chill… with brothers. 最近遇到了一些生命中的挫折,讓我再次醒來,看得更清楚。 這段時間跟好哥兒們聊了許多。 The Chinese Chess, trains the mind and the soul… it’s all about discipline, planning, and the right timing. Life… is like a game of chess… there’s no way to anticipate every move your opponent makes, sometimes you just have to be ready to improvise. 人生如一盤棋,永遠不能完全知道對手會怎麼出招,有時候真的必須懂得應變。 JJ Lin. 


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