Crossfire Vs Fifty Shades Trilogy


Hmmmmm…. Crossfire..

What should i write?

It’s just like writing Fifty shades review for the second time.

Their story is simply look alike.

But, yes.

There’s a different in here and there.

  1.  Ana doesn’t have any awful past but Eva get abused by her stepbrother since she was 15 years  old. (Just think about it make me shivering)
  2. Christian was an adoption but Gideon is biological child of his parent but his biological father commit suicide when he was very young. (5 years old if i’m not mistaken)
  3. Ana have Katherine Kavanagh which is her best friend (soon to be her sister-in-law)  since Eva have Cary Taylor which is a bisexual as her best friend, both struggling to move on from their past.
  4. Crossfire more explicit about it sex relationship, more wild and make you horny faster. (Well, let’s admit it)
  5. Ana does work at one company owned by her husband and Eva worked in the building owned by her boyfriend. (just the building)
  6. Ana have a Fucking boss that Christian kick on his ass out of Chirtsian’s company but Eva had a gay boss was very good to her. (And handsome)
  7. Christian has Taylor as his driver and bodyguard almost wherever he goes and Gideon has Angus which is rarely seen. ( You Fired!!)

And many more. Hahaha.

I’m too lazy to write it all.

But they really have a similar story.

Both of them are very nice, unforgettable and exciting if I may say.

Just as you know, Fifty shades has finished but crossfire has got to the second book.

According to plan there will be 3 books for crossfire series.

But as the authors are not sure about how many books are going. We will be wondering.

Mrs. Day says :

How many books will be in the series?
Three. Well… as I’m still writing Entwined with You I can’t say for sure. Crossfire is supposed to be a trilogy and if everything works out, it still will be. But Gideon has a lot to work through, and after all he and Eva have endured to reach their happy ending I don’t want to rush it. So if it’s best, I’ll write a fourth installment. But I won’t unnecessarily drag the story out beyond its natural end.

Well, i’ll wait Entwined with You but still love Fifty shades Christian-Ana.

Great job, Mrs. Erika Leonard James & Mrs. Sylvia Day.

Much Love



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